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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Malacca Sultan Palace / Heritage Museum

Sultan Palace (Malacca Sultanate Palace), which Melaka Heritage Museum, located at the foot of St. Paul's Hill . Frame construction and form, is based on the 15th century Malay Annals described in traditional forms built, is a replica of the wooden Malay Sultan Palace .
In this Malay palace , exhibited more than 1,350 exhibits , in addition to introduction of Malacca and the Sultan Palace 's history and culture , but also from different parts of Malaysia, clothes , weapons, stone inscriptions , musical instruments , art and photos , etc. So that visitors since ancient times , in-depth understanding of Malay culture , to understand the glorious history of Malacca .
Malacca 's old palace, located in St. Paul's Church of the mountain. Outside the palace courtyard planted with lush tropical plants , as well as decorative fountains . The palace is divided into three levels, all based on built of wood , although a bit simple , but inside the furniture and decor , also has elaborately carved patterns. Intrauterine each room has a theme each hall , a systematic introduction to the history of Malacca dynasty origin, political and religious life , and foreign exchanges , in addition to display some of the artifacts left behind dynasty .


the Stadthuys Jalan Gereja, Melaka

Down the St. Paul's Hill , within walking distance
Opening hours:

9:00-18:00 , Closed on Monday

+60 6-2841934

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