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Hotel Accomodation

1.Hatten Hotel Melaka

An excellent business facilities located in Malacca location, Malacca Yoshikatsu offers the best environment for you to stay away from the hubbub . Only 0.5 Km from the city center away , 

2.Bayou Lagoon Park Resort

Estuarine Lagoon Park Resort is located in the center of Malacca Malacca is very welcomed by visitors Reservation choice. 15.0 Km outside the city center is the most prosperous of the lot .

3.Hotel Equatorial Melaka
Hotel Equatorial Melaka more appropriate choice. This hotel is only separated from the city center 1 km, convenient for visitors to travel.

4.Hotel Puri Melaka

Malacca's great shopping, dining, cultural heritage area, Puri Melaka offers the best environment for you to stay away from the hubbub. This hotel is not far from the city center, only 5. Km, the airportis only 150 minutes.

5.Bayview Hotel Melaka

At a distance of Malacca and Johor Bahru respectively drive five minutes and three hours BayviewHotel Malacca geographical condition is superior, the traffic is very convenient.

6.Casa del Rio Melaka Hotel

Malacca add style is the best choice for passengers. Away from the city center, 1 km, visitors can enjoy the town's attractions and activities. 

7.WANA Riverside Hotel

Vannes Bankside provided outstanding service and high quality accommodation will bring you feel right at home . 

8.Majestic Malacca Hotel

Located in the center of Malacca Melaka Majestic Hotel is your tourism Melaka and its surrounding areas to explore the best choice. Away from the city center is just 2 km.Km, visitors can enjoy the town's attractions and activities. 

9.Hotel Hong @ Jonker Street Melaka

H Hotel is located in Melaka Jonker Street is very popular by visitors booking options. Here, guests can enjoy easy access to the city's major tourist, shopping, and dining area. 

10.Holiday Inn Melaka Hotel

This 4-star hotel from the airport is only 135.0 km away, and convenient transportation. Located Golden Screen Cinemas , Mahkota Parade Tower , Melaka Wonderland 's not far , visitors to the hotel will just love its location.

11.Philea Resort & Spa

Whether you are visiting for business or leisure and Malacca , filet Resort will be your best choice of accommodation . Here, guests can enjoy easy access to the city 's major tourist , shopping, and dining area. 

12.Prima Hotel Melaka

When you visit Malacca, Malacca first hotel provides quality service and high qualityaccommodation will bring you feel right at home. 

13.The Explorer Hotel

Located in Melaka Raya, location, explorers Malacca hotel is the ideal starting point for your excursions. The city center is only 0.00 Km, from the airport is also only 20 minutes away.

14.Marvelux Hotel

Malacca elegant hotel is located in the center of Malacca Malacca , is happy to bring you a relaxing holiday with the perfect accommodation choice. Away from the city center, 1 km, visitors can enjoy the town 's attractions and activities . 

15.Venus Boutique Hotel

Located in Melaka Raya, location, Melaka Venus Boutique Hotel is the ideal starting point forexcursions. 0.1 Km away, this most prosperous of the lot. Taming Sari Tower, Golden ScreenCinemas, Royal Malaysia Navy Museum are also within easy reach.

16.Ramada Plaza Melaka

Situated in Malacca, Ramada Plaza Melaka is close to Kampung Hulu Mosque, St Paul's Church, and A Famosa. Also nearby are Poh San Teng Temple and Bukit China.

17.Quayside Hotel
Malacca's great cultural monuments, dining, shopping area, marina offers the best environment for you to stay away from the hubbub. Because 0km away from the city center from the airport is also only 139km away, this 3-star hotel will receive a large number of visitors every year.

Mahkota Hotel Melaka in Melaka Raya , it is very popular by visitors booking options . This 4-star hotel is just 150 km from the airport away, and convenient transportation. 

Baba hotel (The Baba House Hotel)Np 121 - 127 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka 75200Location: Jonker StreetType: Hotels - there is free WifiIf you 're looking for is a conveniently located hotel in Malacca , that no Bi Baba hotel more suitable choice.

Yuda boutique hotel providing quality accommodation in Malacca dining, sightseeing, cultural heritage area, is a popular business and leisure choice. Here, guests can enjoy easy access to the city 's major tourist , shopping, and dining area. For the more adventurous traveler, Sentosa Villa Putra Hospital , Nanfang Hospital appropriate.

Located within the jurisdiction of the city of Malacca, convenient transportation, Malacca SwanGarden Hotel has become a local tourist offer. Here, guests can enjoy easy access to the city's major tourist, shopping, and dining area.

Sunshine Inn Plus for both business and leisure travel, design, Conveniently located in Melaka Rayaarea, is the city's most popular hotels. 

Paradise Dream Hotel is located in downtown Malacca Malacca is very welcomed by visitorsReservation choice. Away from the city center, 1km, visitors can enjoy the town's attractions and activities. 

Romania is situated in the heart of Al begging, Sri Melaka Melaka hotel is the perfect base forexploring the hotel. Only 15.6 km from the city center away, to ensure quick and easy access to local tourist attractions. 
Malacca Khan Hotel is definitely your best companion . This hotel is not far from the city center , only 20.0 Km, the airport is only 20 minutes .Located Malacca International Trade Centre, Crocodile Park, not far from Malacca Zoo , visitors to the hotel will just love its location.

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