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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Malacca Red House Museum

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This dark red building, is considered the world's oldest Dutch East building.
Past colonial rulers residence, now has become a tourist must-see attractions.
Here visitors can visit the Museum of History and Culture, to deepen understanding of Malacca.

Colonial relic

This has a heavy wooden door, dark red walls of the Dutch building - Netherlands Red House Square (The Stadhuys), 1641 1660 years to build, is considered to be the oldest Dutch building Orient.

Malacca was a Dutch colony in the past, this work and the Dutch brick masonry buildings built carpentry skills, it was the official residence of the Dutch Governor and followers, but also the legacy of important monuments. At present, where history and culture has been converted into a museum in Malacca, Malacca's historical relics on display, Chinese traditional wedding dress witch family, as well as Portuguese and Dutch left historical documents, so that visitors Malacca backgrounds and cultures, to have more in-depth understanding.


The Stadthuys, Jalan Gereja, Malacca, Malaysia


Consumer Tips

Museum of History and Culture:

Ringgit 2 (adult)

Ringgit 0.5 (Child)


Opening Tip

History and Culture Museum: 9 am - 5:30 pm


Weekly day of rest


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