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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Historical city of Malacca

Malacca unique Red Church
Arun door
Malacca is Malaysia's oldest city, the capital of the state of Malacca . The ancient city is located in an important communication channel between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean to the north shore of the Strait of Malacca , Malacca River through the city .
Ten years ago, I had a visit there, " ferrying over night ." City Temple of Dawn , Red churches, ancient buildings and narrow streets, three floats and new urban construction site gave me impressed .
The repeat business , the tour guide told us that Malacca in 2007 by the World cultural city and intangible cultural heritage title. The city was founded in 1403 , was once the capital of the Kingdom of Malacca , in 1511 becoming a Portuguese colony ; 1641 the Dutch occupied ; 1826 became part of the British Straits Settlements .
Malaysia's first Prime Minister Raman in a February 20, 1956 announced the independence of Malaysia , the ceremony is to be held in Malacca pasture ; due to blockage of the estuary of Malacca and Penang , Singapore's rise , fall city status . But in modern times, Melaka tourism prosperity worldwide each year , millions of tourists to sightseeing tours.
This line tour first stop was Wat Arun . This is the Chinese -style temples, magnificent sight , courtyard patio, flowers and trees ; inside the basilica , dedicated to the Buddha, hall square columns, carved couplets . When we arrived , many visitors , incense smoke .
Last heard this tour to tour guide, Wat Arun is three years, China Ming eunuch Zheng He built. Zheng said that when the route Strait of Malacca, this landing . Then , here is a wasteland , and lack of fresh water. Zheng He rushed, commanding soldiers accompanying this digging for food . Zheng He left Malacca , the local indigenous Malaysian Chinese envoy very grateful for them to open up water , they dug wells at the Zheng He built walls to protect the wells. Subsequently in this building temples, the Zheng He was promoted to "King" , named " Zheng He Temple ."
After a lapse of ten years, I carefully observed and found some changes Arun : First temple built in front of the base of flowers , flowers in full bloom, planted trees at the side and front of the temple tree -lined, flower fragrance , environment appears more quiet ; instead temple couplets , plaques , sculptures , statues and "Zheng and well ," the walls seem to have done extensive renovation to make this temple rejuvenated.
In the temple courtyard is connected with the walls hung with three big picture , I came closer originally Chinese leader Jiang Zemin , Li Peng, Zhu Rongji came here to visit and tour photos. Visit our leaders are devoted to come to Malacca, Malaysia to visit Wat Arun , this little temple influence of the large and deep and Chinese origin shows !
In Malacca both oriental temples , but also the Western church. We came from Wat Arun Red Church Square , here is the big picture . A church are covered with red and white cross inlaid front , very smart. Tour guide said it was one hundred years ago, the red church built by Western missionaries . I first saw the red church would feel very special , in addition to bright red body outside the church with my church seen in Europe is completely different . European churches, its shape is tall , pointy , so-called Gothic architecture , while the red chapel cautiously, the bottom floor is three arches , the middle square , curved inside on it, on top of the next empty real small tower, empty office hanging bell , solid metal ball at the top of the head plus cross. Because of the unique and historic Red Church , so attracting numerous visitors.
Red Cathedral Square, many tourists, bustling . There are a lot hawking handicrafts , souvenirs, and other types of fruit stalls ; number of vehicles parked in the square three human floats attract tourists ride for City Tour ......
We walked along the red chapel hill beside the stairs, go to the mountains the old castle. On the mountain , condescending, Malacca city , panoramic view , the ancient city , yard, and beautiful scenery.
Down from the mountain , we take the tour bus Malacca , while watching the neighborhood houses, while listening to the tour guide . He said residents are mainly from Malacca Malays, Chinese , Indians , Portuguese descent and Eurasian Mixed , and many more proficient in several languages ​​. Contemporary , Malacca to Chinese, Indians mainly because Muslim Malaysian prohibition of gambling , because here is a horse country " prostitute gambling" the most popular tourist cities , Malaysian do not like this kind of life , so have moved out ; the Chinese, Indians never bored , so stick to Malacca , and never to relocation .
But are things not known , regardless of jump to listen to , as a travelogue of .
Malacca city 's most traditional architectural features, including many Chinese -style residences. Ancient construction of streets, and remains intact. Narrow winding streets , houses varied and diverse, many housing walls trimmed with exquisite tiles, Swiss Lions Gate buckle inlaid inlay dragon phoenix , always show Malacca unique character of this historic capital .
Left Malacca to Johor way to see it is New skyscrapers . Will be properly protected historical sites , but also with the times , adding modern, Malacca is indeed the world's historic city conservation and construction provided a successful model !

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