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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jonker Walk

Farms streets, lack of wealthy Chinese-style buildings.
Street boutiques, selling all kinds of local products or handicrafts, is a good place to buy souvenirs.
There are many streets selling snacks, drinks shops.
Ceramics also street stores one common goods.
Jonker 88 is a street famous food hall, there are a lot of antiques, paintings and other furnishings, coupled with wood tables and chairs, very distinctive.

Antique hand Shun Street Malacca

Farms Street (Jonker Walk) is Malacca city's famous antique street, the street is full of Chinese style, lack of architectural building houses.

Tourists in this antique street, can be found everywhere from the local or China's wood furniture, wall scrolls, ceramics, sculpture or a small antiques, etc., might also have no intention of purchasing stop to watch, when the day of antique lovers. In addition, there are many street clogs, shoes or ceramic beads boutiques, busy with tourists buy souvenirs, will not be here on a story.

Antique shop, boutique pleasing, but also to the streets hungry authentic restaurants and taste the local group Hainanese chicken rice, black beans and pork ribs soup or curry flavor dishes such as sub-three head for the purpose of his trip to the farm operation plan a successful close.

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