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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Indigenous traditional markets

Medan Samudera observation tower located near Malacca, is a local traditional market.
Markets are often bustling, very popular with locals and tourists.
Visitors can buy a few pieces of traditional handicrafts as souvenirs.
Souvenir shops within the market, but also sell all kinds of traditional food.
Medan Samudera upper mostly local food store, offering are authentic Malay food.
Indigenous traditional markets

Medan Samudera is a local traditional market, located near Malacca viewing tower is full of souvenir souvenir shopping.

Tourists in the bottom of the market, you will find many local products shop, whether it is clothing, rattan or traditional handicrafts, etc. are everything, there are all kinds of Malay spices and preserved fruits, so to be found here for relatives and friends letter in hand, I believe no difficulty.

In addition, the market's top multi-local snacks stalls, visitors want a taste of authentic Malay food full of flavor, it may be in sourcing hand letter, to come here to try!


Medan Samudera, Jalan Merdeka, Malacca, Malaysia

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